Heavy Highway and Bridge Construction


Construction of the East-West Parkway Phase I, Abington, Weymouth, Rockland, MA

As of February 2013, the East-West Parkway Project is 75% complete. During the spring, summer and fall of 2012, the following work was completed. Asbestos abatement & demolition of Hangar 1, a major milestone for the redevelopment of the former Navy Base. Underground roadway utility work which included drainage piping, forced sewer main, water main, and electrical conduit. A wildlife box culvert, wildlife retaining wall, and permanent fencing were constructed for the protection and management of local wildlife in accordance with Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program (NHESP) specifications. Excavation, grading, and landscaping of a 1600 LF drainage swale and three wetland detention basins to manage stormwater runoff from the Parkway. Excavation and rough grading of French’s Stream Daylighting, the restoration of a portion of French’s Stream to its natural stream bank from previously being piped under runway and tarmac. 4700 LF of new Parkway road construction, complete with granite curb and concrete sidewalks.

The final completion date for the East-West Parkway project is July 8, 2013. Upcoming 2013 activities include the last 600 LF of Parkway construction, including a signalized 4 way intersection, curbing and concrete sidewalks. Paving of the mile long, 12’ wide shared use path. Installation of electrical system conduit, pedestrian & street lighting, and pedestrian & traffic signals. Completion of French’s Stream restoration. Loaming of roadway slopes, landscaping, and irrigation installation. The Parkway project will finish off with final top course paving and line striping in June of 2013.