Heavy Highway and Bridge Construction

Company Overview

Since 1984, SPS has been helping to shape New England’s landscape. Wherever you drive throughout Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire, whether day or night, there's a good chance you will travel down a road or over a bridge built by SPS New England. During your journey, you are sure to encounter the bright red SPS signs and trucks as you pass one of the dozens of projects under construction. More than 20 years ago, SPS was a three-person company performing concrete construction services throughout New England. Its philosophy was simple: To be a great company, to be committed to our employees; to provide quality workmanship, to deliver projects that are on time and on budget; and above all, to maintain business integrity and give back to the community.

Today SPS has a strong reputation as a leading road and bridge contractor, the respect of its peers, and frequent contracts with New England transportation agencies. Our Heavy Highway Division is responsible for some of the most prominent projects in the region, including Phase 1 of the Longfellow Bridge rehabilitation, reconstruction of the Alford St. Drawbridge that spans the Mystic River between Boston and Everett, two sections of the Route 128 Add-a-Lane project between Canton and Westwood, MassDOT’s First Heavy Lift Bridge Project in Phillipston, MA, the Marston St. Interchange on I-495 in Lawrence, the rehabilitation of Fall River Government Center over I-195 including the construction of a new fireproof tunnel ceiling, the award winning Commerce Way interchange in Woburn, MA, and many others.

Long-term company growth has allowed SPS to expand its focus to community development, combining a passion for protecting the environment and advancing renewable energy technologies with a desire for creating beautiful communities. The Site Development Division of SPS New England to use its expertise to develop residential and commercial real estate sites that preserve the natural amenities of the land. Unique features, such as specimen trees, native fieldstone walls, and contour friendly streetscapes add appeal and value to property, that combine beauty with function while preserving site features that are important to a community. Principles of new urbanism and smart growth are employed at every opportunity to develop the most responsible and socially beneficial projects possible.


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