Heavy Highway and Bridge Construction

Corporate Safety Programs

SPS is committed to providing all employees with a safe working environment and protecting life, health, the environment, and property. Our safety plans outline specific responsibility, accountability and safety practices which will help to accomplish our goal of no injuries or illnesses to employees or members of the public and no damage to property or the environment.

SPS' Safety Programs are reviewed monthly by Corporate Safety Director Bill Timmons and the members of the Safety Committee. The goal of the Safety Committee is to improve the overall safety performance of all SPS employees and to constantly monitor and improve our safety policy and practices.

SPS accomplishes this goal by:

  • Creating a safe work environment and committing its resources to accomplishing that goal
  • Providing safe, well-maintained equipment
  • Providing training for all SPS employees
  • All SPS employees are OSHA 10 hour certified
  • SPS conducts annual refresher training for all employees
  • Holding weekly toolbox safety meetings
  • Identifying hazards in advance of construction and engineering solutions and/or developing safe work practices to eliminate those hazards
  • Complying with client contract specifications, site specific safety requirements, corporate safety requirements and applicable regulatory standards
  • Communicating with employees, subcontractors and vendors on a regular basis to create a safe work environment
  • Holding subcontractors accountable to comply with their site specific safety requirements and regulatory requirements
  • Identifying unsafe conditions or practices and taking immediate corrective action when any safety violations are observed
  • Placing an appropriate emphasis on hazard communication, hazard recognition, abatement, training and supervisory and employee accountability
  • Enforcing SPS safety rules and using discipline when voluntary compliance fails


Safety – it’s working every day.

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