Heavy Highway and Bridge Construction

"Mission to Zero for 2013"

To all Members of the SPS Team,

At the beginning of 2011 construction season we embarked on a new initiative to improve our safety performance across the entire company, specifically focusing on reducing the number of OSHA recordable incidents.  These incidents, whether perceived as major or minor in nature, all have a significant negative impact on the company, both financially and more importantly, personally.  Furthermore, the tremendous amount of time and effort expended in previous years focusing on safety training and awareness had resulted in very little reduction to the number of incidents or injuries in a given year.

The initiative, aptly named “Mission to Zero” was created to formally commit ourselves to reducing our OSHA “Incidence Rate” (number of OSHA recordable incidents per 100 full time employees) from 5.3 in 2010 to ZERO at the end of 2012, a period of only 2 years.  While we did not reach our goal of ZERO, we did improve significantly and currently have an incidence rate of 2.8, almost half of what it was in 2010. 

Everyone should be familiar with the message that we have been discussing and I am sure that you have been wondering what we will be doing in 2013 to continue to improve on our performance.  The decision was obvious in that we will continue with our mission of reaching a ZERO incidence rate.  We know that this is a lofty goal and one that can only be reached with the support and commitment from each person in the company.  What is involved in that commitment?  We are expecting that each person continues to be empowered to make smart decisions as it relates to working safely, make it your personal responsibility to do so, and look out for your crew mates and fellow employees at all times.  Speak up when something doesn’t look or feel right BEFORE moving ahead with a particular work operation or activity, and let your superintendent or foreman know when something isn’t right.  Don’t accept less than this same bias for action when you know that your safety or that of another is at stake. 

When the Mission To zero was introduced, there were some skeptics.  They thought that having a goal of zero OSHA recordable injuries was unreachable.  Our performance in many areas across the company proved that this was not the case.

It is a new year and every site and employee has clean slate to work.  Everyone is at ZERO.  The focus has to be on staying at ZERO individually, and as a site.  Help the other employees that you work with to stay at ZERO as well.  When each person is at ZERO, the entire company will be as well and we will realize our goal. 

Thank you for your conitnued hard work and dediction to SPS.


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