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The SPS Wellness Program

The SPS Wellness Program is designed to promote employee health and wellness by rewarding employees who are healthy, live a healthy life style, or engage in practices or efforts to improve health and wellness. Eligible employees (non prevailing wage) who choose to participate in the Wellness Program and achieve their individualized health goals can reduce their baseline 30% health insurance premium contribution to as little as 10%.

The Wellness Program includes completing a confidential on-line health risk assessment and achieving goals on four "health metrics," which are measures of the body's fundamental state of health:

  • Tobacco use
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Cholesterol
  • Blood Pressure

Employees can earn a 10% premium contribution by being a nonsmoker or a smoker who enrolls and participates in a smoking cessation program, and 5% each for meeting individual goals for BMI, blood pressure, and cholesterol, up to 20% total.

Individual health metrics are measured and goals are set annually by nurses from the company's health insurance provider at in-house confidential screening events. Additionally, health coaching is available throughout the year for employees who exhibit high risk traits or behaviors in their health risk assessments.

The intent of the SPS Wellness Program is to improve employee wellness by helping employees define and reach achievable and medically appropriate goals for these metrics over time, and to make employees more aware of their high risk traits and behaviors so that they can achieve positive lifestyle changes. The program, which was implemented in 2009, has already achieved 98% eligible employee participation.

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