Heavy Highway and Bridge Construction

Total Quality Management

Total quality management is a simple concept that envisions everyone pulling in the same direction. Our mission at SPS is to continuously improve the management of our operations.

The SPS Total Quality System

At SPS we recognize that total quality management is a journey, not a destination. We strive to provide consistent support to our employees in their quest to get it right the first timeā€¦.and every time. Top management encourages innovative thinking and taps into the hidden reserves of knowledge that our employees possess.

Recently, we have developed a self-administered quality system that provides support to our field operations. We have developed Critical Event plans that keep lessons learned fresh and useful. We recognize that quality and safety are a partnership and our Mission To Zero safety program is a key component of the SPS quality system.

The SPS Quality Management Team

Top Management encourages all employees to participate in our quality process:

  • TQM Steering Committee provides focus
  • TQM training for sustainability
  • Innovative ideas encouraged
  • Corrective actions
  • Communicate successes and progress

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