Bridge Construction

SPS specializes in all types of bridge construction, from simple span bridges over land to complex movable span bridges over deep water.


Mass Ave over Commonwealth Ave Rapid Bridge Replacement

Location: Back Bay, Boston

Project Value: $7.3M

Owner: MassDOT & City of Boston

Overview:SPS successfully replaced the Mass Ave Bridge over Commonwealth Ave in Boston’s Back Bay using Rapid Bridge Replacement techniques, 30 hours ahead of schedule. The existing deficient bridge was replaced using Accelerated Bridge Construction techniques, including precast abutment caps, bridge units, and rapid setting concrete. MORE >


Conley Terminal Freight Corridor Buffer Open Space (Phase 2)

Location: South Boston, MA

Project Value: $21.6M

Owner: Massport

Overview:The purpose of this Massport project was to create a dedicated freight corridor that would allow for the removal of container trucks serving Conley Terminal from residential streets, and to improve the operational efficiency of the terminal and the economic strength of the Port of Boston. MORE >


Littleton Bridge Replacements: Taylor Street over Interstate 495, Interstate 495 over Route 2 and Interstate 495 over the MBTA Railroad

Location: Littleton, MA

Project Value: $36M

Owner: MassDOT

Overview:This interchange reconstruction project included six (6) bridge replacements with median crossovers including one temporary Acrow bridge. MORE >


Replacement of Timber Bascule Bridge, Bridge Street over Mitchell River

Location: Chatham, MA

Project Value: $13.8M

Owner: Town of Chatham, MA

Overview:This project requried the replacment of an historic timber bascule bridge in a marine environment. MORE >


Rocks Village Bridge Rehabilitation

Location: Haverhill / W. Newbury, MA

Project Value: $12.4M

Owner: MassDOT

Overview:SPS completely rehabilitated the historic Rocks Village bridge, including partial demolition, complete deck replacement, steel floorbeam and stringer replacement, steel truss repairs, mechanical system replacement, lighting upgrades (roadway and navigational) and complete deleading and painting of the superstructure. MORE >


I-95 (Rte. 128) Add-a-Lane & Rte. 1/Rte. 1A Interchange

Location: Westwood, MA

Project Value: $36.4M

Owner: MassDOT

Overview:This project, part of MassDOT’s Route 128 “Add-a-Lane” series of projects to widen Interstate 95 from Braintree to Needham, includes replacement of the heavily-traveled Rte. 1 and Rte. 1A bridges over I-95, including both shoulder and median widening of I-95 to accommodate an additional travel lane. MORE >


Bridge Replacement Rte. 2 over Rte. 140

Location: Westminster, MA

Project Value: $11.3M

Owner: MassDOT

Overview:SPS replaced three span steel stringer bridges over highly traveled Main Street. Demolition, substructure repairs and construction of new roadway. Accelerated bridge project. MORE >


I-93 Interchange over Commerce Way

Location: Woburn, MA

Project Value: $15M

Owner: MassDOT

Overview:For this Design-Build project, SPS constructed double fly-over ramps on Interstate 93 over Commerce Way. MORE >


I-93 & I-95 Interchange Reconstruction

Location: Canton-Dedham, MA

Project Value: $34.2M

Owner: MassDOT

Overview:As part of the Rte. 128 Add-a-Lane Project, this interstate highway & bridge construction project included multi-phase replacement of 3 bridges over electrified train lines, as well as widening the highway and realigning ramps. MORE >


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